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NuvaRing (Vaginal ring) is a type of flexible and small vaginal ring that can be effectively used as a preventive measure for unwanted pregnancy.

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NuvaRing (Vaginal ring) is a type of flexible and small vaginal ring that can be effectively used as a preventive measure for unwanted pregnancy. NuvaRing can be inserted and removed by the user herself and involves no requirement of assistance. One fitted well in the exact and comfortable position, one can use NuvaRing for a period of 3 weeks. The usage depends although.

NuvaRing causes the release of low dose hormones (continuously) that assist in pregnancy prevention and is termed as highly effective by global users. The advantage involves no requirement of removing the product every day.

How to use

NuvaRing comes in a re-sealable cover.
Clean and dry the hands before the removal of the ring from the pouch.
Insert it in the exact position for timely provision. Insert well and adjust yourself. In case the user finds it difficult, then re-adjust the position.
NuvaRing can be used for 3 weeks and one requires removal for a week’s period before usage. Ensure that the time and date are calculated well.


  • During the period of 3 weeks, NuvaRing releases estrogen and progestin in a low dose structure continuously. With this process, the brain gets the signal to not provide releasing of the hormones for the process of egg maturation thus causing the prevention of the ovulation process. The product requires removal after 3 weeks and at the same calculated period of time and date. One can involve using after a period of a 1-week break.


Certain type of common mild effects are:

  • Vomiting
  • Rash (Like sunburn)
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle aches
  • Diarrhea

19 reviews for NuvaRing

  1. Alicia Aulsebrook

    Thanks, ma’am to send one kit that I paid for. I had what I needed. The payment method was safe.

  2. Nadine Muller

    A well-organized website with all relevant information people looking for their pregnancy or an unplanned one.

  3. Katelyn Schallmeiner

    I love you guys! You guys have helped when I was alone in the whole abortion mes.s I didn’t even know which pill to be taken when you helped me out thanks a lot again

  4. Greta Thompson

    Thankful for the pregnancy termination medicines! your team offered great support

  5. Kelly Marumaru

    I was new to this thing. I never heard of medical abortion before. I only knew the surgical one. but I had to choose this one because I didn’t have enough money to pay for surgery fees. I am glad that I chose this website for my medical abortion. Their team made me comfortable with the whole process.

  6. Katrina Pickering

    I bought pills from here around 3 weeks back. feel relieved to finally share that I could abort my pregnancy. all the side effects have gone. now I am only hoping that my days from now onwards are healthier and better.

  7. Lindy Ralph

    The medicines were effective. however the process maybe, i am happy that it ended sooner than expected. for me, it took only 4 days and I stopped bleeding

  8. Barbara Pinn

    Ladies out there, the medical abortion process is indeed painful but something you must go through if you are encountering an unwanted pregnancy situation. this website is very helpful if you are alone while undergoing the procedure. I only had to reach out to their team every time I stuck anywhere in the process

  9. Kelly Foreman

    Thank you so much for the medicines. they are indeed workable!

  10. Fiona Rogan

    Mifepristone and Misoprostol were the tablets I bought. I had to keep the second tablet in the vagina because I was constantly puking during the process. never the less, the rest of the things were smooth. the bleeding stopped on the 4th day. tablets were effective enough to end it all. thanks …

  11. Nicole Lacsni

    The medicines I bought from here around 2 weeks ago worked well. I am still bleeding. I can see lumps passing. I am hoping the pregnancy will be ended soon

  12. Abbie Chapman

    Cannot go without mentioning the customer care team who helped me while I was having my pills. They are very good at explaining and guiding during the abortion procedure.

  13. Ryan Wade

    I wanted to continue my pregnancy but I decided to abort the day my boyfriend left me.. Thankfully I was my 8th week of pregnancy so I could buy mifepristone and misoprostol


    I have ordered on the 3rd of this month and have received the product on the 8th my package order took almost 5 days. Privacy was maintained with communication through an email from the time of registration till the delivery of the product. Cost worthy and service was fair enough.

  15. Gareth Blaha

    The abortion pills were very effective. this website is genuine and even the abortion tablets that it provides are safe. the side effects go away soon.

  16. Rachel Nott

    You know buying abortion pills online is not difficult but trusting an online pharmacy can be difficult. this website though is genuine. the abortion pills they gave were effective. I am happy I could end the pregnancy with this medication.

  17. Alissa Luxford

    It was after taking Misoprostol that I started bleeding. the pills were very effective. I took 4 misoprostol pills of each 200 mcg. this was suggested by my healthcare provider. I bled for 7 days and it finally ended with a few blood lumps passing. thanks for these pils.

  18. Tigerlily Bovell

    I bled for 6 days continuously after I took the abortion pills. It was a bit painful initially, but it became almost negligent in the latter days. I think I took the test on the 12th day after abortion pill consumption. pregnancy results were negative.

  19. Celeste Blewitt

    I took 2 kits but the single 1 kit has done its work.

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