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Buy Mtp Kit Online for Successful and Safe Abortion in USA

Imagine what if you see two positive lines on the pregnancy test at a time when you weren’t planning to get pregnant? Expecting a baby unexpectedly can be quite an emotional journey. You will feel a wave of emotions flowing through. You may probably feel surprised at the beginning but also feel happy that a life is growing inside you, you may panic because the pregnancy was unplanned but will also imagine the feeling of being a mother. Whether the pregnancy is planned or comes as a surprise, it is a big decision and also a life-changing one to grow a life inside your body. Whatever you may feel emotional, if you decide to keep the pregnancy or not, just keep in mind that you are never alone. We are always here to help you in dealing with the roller coaster of emotional feelings and provide you health care and answer your queries along with health guidance. If your pregnancy is up to ten to thirteen weeks, you can choose the option of medical abortion through abortion pills online and buy Mtp kit abortion pills online.

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MTP KIT (Abortion Pill)


An MTP kit consists of five medicines which as follow:

  • One dose of Mifepristone (200 mg)
  • Four doses of Misoprostol (200 mcg)

Dosage Form:

  • Mifepristone medicine is taken orally.
  • Misoprostol medicines can be taken buccally/vaginally.


The Medical Termination of Pregnancy kit (MTP kit) consists of one pill of Mifepristone and four pills of Misoprostol. The kit is used for ending an unplanned pregnancy up to 63 days. The kit is manufactured in agreement with renown healthcare boards of the USA.


The Mifepristone Buy Abortion Pills performs antiprogesterone action to stop the development of pregnancy. The abortion pills facilitate the ejection of pregnancy tissues. The Misoprostol pills initiate ejecting pregnancy tissues from the body. It brings about hormonal actions with prostaglandin constituents.


As per the last menstrual period, the consumption MTP kit is performed based on the gestation of pregnancy. A woman with up to 9 weeks of pregnancy gestation can administer the kit to end her pregnancy.

Dosage and Administration

The dosage of Mifepristone is generally 200 mg. Speak to your healthcare provider to know the exact power of the medicine. You can take this medicine orally with a glass of water.


The consumption of Mifepristone is followed by administering Misoprostol abortion pills. The dosage for the same is four pills of 800 mcg ( each tablet: 200 mcg). Speak to your doctor to know more about the dosage of Misoprostol pills. If you are taking medicines buccally, place them in the cheek pouches for half an hour. If you are consuming pills vaginally, insert them in the vagina.

If you do not bleed within 24 hours, consult your healthcare provider to take an additional dosage of Misoprostol.


The dosage of the MTP kit can contradict in certain conditions. Users are requested to consult their healthcare provider in any of the following cases.

  • Hypersensitivity to the components of abortion pills
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Using IUD for pregnancy prevention.
  • Diagnosed with porphyria/adrenal failure/asthma problems

Warnings and Precautions

In the absence of specific studies, Mifepristone is not recommended in patients with:

  • Renal failure
  • Hepatic failure
  • Malnutrition

Also, the patient is requested to follow the precautions given below. Not following them can lead to complications in the pregnancy.

  • Avoid consumption of alcohol or nicotine products.
  • Do not breastfeed while during or immediately after Misoprostol consumption.
  • Do not eat foods with unnecessary fats.
  • Do not insert anything in the vagina.

26 reviews for CIPLA MTP KIT

  1. Mackenzie ‘Micki’ Wheeler

    I’ve taken abortion pills 2 days ago and had heavy bleeding with 5 clots. It all stopped now.

  2. Serena Gattuso

    The time I checked my pregnancy was of 7 weeks and found one website online from where i buyied the pill. That online website cheated me as the payment was made but the product was not delivered, by that time my pregnancy was upto 8 weeks and have luckly found this website for online abortion pill it was so good that the customer support gave me all the details about the tablets how and when it should be taken and so had taken 2 mtp kits. I was happy the time I got those pills safely in hand and got free from my pregnancy.

  3. Gael Jennings

    My last period was on 11 Oct 2020 and missed my period in Nov. My parents suggested me to visit doctor she asked me for some test which concluded positive pregnancy of 5 weeks that was unexpected. We asked her to help me to prevent pregnancy and she prescribed me a medicine MTP. I did not find the pill in a nearby shop so went online but to buy the pill online safety and security were important and you were the best in all. by the time it reached, I was 6 and a half weeks pregnant. Nevertheless, I was still eligible for medical abortion. Thanks to the support tea, who helped me to get through this. The doctor was charging higher fees for consulting where you guys were genuinely helping me at every stage without any extra cost.

  4. Helen O’Connor

    I knew Mifepristone and Misoprostol but I wasn’t aware of the MTP kit which they had. It was at a low cost than the two together so bought it. Effective indeed. Thank you so much!

  5. Gabriel Shipton

    It was not easy for me to think of abortion but it was all unplanned, decided to buy pills for medical abortion from an online provider. bought it on 10 February which I received on 15 February. it has helped me abort without letting my family know about my abortion.

  6. Christa Foreman

    Received the pill on time, was worried about how the abortion process will be. It was very painful after taking the second tablet there were few drops and then continued with heavy bleeding. Most painful when the blood clot came out that was just an inch long. The bleeding was for 15 days and then it stopped with white liquid discharge. Genuinely speaking the pill was worth it.

  7. Julie Ellis

    I had ordered a product from this website. I received an email within a few days which had all the product details along with the shipping status saying out for delivery. I was happy with the service and especially the pricing.

  8. Paula Serrano

    I took online pills and went for an abdominal check up thank god it was a complete abortion

  9. Emma Freeman

    Ordered from online one MTP kit. The payment method was easy and the support chat was very helpful! Would recommend to friends.

  10. Lieren Stuivenvolt

    After my positive pregnancy test, I was worried about it as I was not prepared to take responsibility. Lots of thanks to the abortion pill as it was the only alternative to overcome the situation.

  11. Valeria Villalobos

    Buying prescription pills at affordable cost online made the abortion process easy.

  12. Sheridan Chenhalls

    I wanted 2 MTP kits but I don’t understand why my order had failed… honestly, it was damn upsetting for me but then I got to know that prescription was the reason, I tried doing it again with my prescription and my order got completed.

  13. Daisy Tenorio

    Once I had ordered a pill from a medical site but have not received the actual product was scared to take such a risk again but an online pill for abortion gave me on-time product delivery.

  14. Nicholasverso

    Being 22, medical abortion seemed something big and complicated. it may be a complicated process but the way the online mifekit team explained me, it didn’t appear like one. Thank you for your pills and services! this means a lot! I feel mature and confident and I promise I’ll take care from next time and use effective contraception

  15. Yasmin Kentera

    To shop online from the Mifekit was quite easy and convenient. I always saw many deals to buy. But this was the biggest deal with abortion pills and quite needed.

  16. Christina Pallot

    I had a prescription for abortion pills still the local pharmacist fought with me for asking for abortion pills. I was so angry, I didn’t understand what is to be done because I was already stressed and local pharmacists were such a headache. I got to know about online from Facebook. Buying abortion pills from this website was so easy and effective too. cannot thank you enough

  17. Catherine Smyth

    I was scared of the heard side effects of abortion pills but alls well what ends well. mtp kit really helped me to get rid of the situation and also made less painful

  18. Michael Green

    I have ordered 2 mtp packs from this site as I was not sure about its working but a single kit only gave me good results.

  19. Mayra Vitoviz

    Healthcare service of the website was good it’s trustworthy as well as the product is satisfactory.

  20. Ayelen bonacina

    There are many online pharmacy. But I selected online abortion pills as the website is trustworthy and has FDA approved product. Best instructions given at their product page.

  21. Toby Moore

    I was worried and totally confused about my pregnancy but they first asked me to confirm with a pregnancy test before buying pills for abortion.

  22. Mary-Jane Allan

    I doubted these pills initially but to my surprise, they did work on my best friend! I warned her twice before using them but she was more confident. Of course, I was not happy to see her facing cramps and diarrhea but it’s good to see that the pills helped her come out of pregnancy trauma.

  23. Jennifer Barty

    I took a pill things didn’t work, was worried of my abortion but I got the effects with the next one.

  24. Morgan Kingsley

    I have ordered 2 mtp pack from this site as I was not sure about its working but single kit only gave me good result.

  25. Jo Bell

    You are really a best-seller, the product was delivered on time and at the right address.

  26. Christopher Kosmer

    I was not having idea if I should breastfeed after taking pills. Thanks for information

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