The abortion pill Generic RU486 was first approved and used in France, where it is also known as Mifegyne. It is taken in medication course of pregnancy termination with prostaglandin tablets, and many buy RU 486 online. Several clinical studies have found this abortifacient beneficial. Females in more than 20 countries, including Spain, Britain, France, U.S., former Soviet Union, and Scandinavia have reported successful medical pregnancy endings with this pill.

Women buy Generic RU486 online, anti-progesterone tablet to terminate pregnancy at home.The person does not need attention of surgeon, use of anesthesia or surgical tools to extract the pregnancy parts from the body. The Generic RU486 cost is minimal at our store, which every individual can afford. The woman has to be 18 years above to purchase abortion pill online, and will get the product delivered to her address.

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One pill of RU-486 PILLS is of 200 mg

Dosage forms: :

RU-486 PILLS tablet is consumed orally with water.

Descriptions: :

Generic RU 486 abortion pill is taken to stop the pregnancy (fetal) development. One pill of Generic RU 486 is enough to end an early pregnancy. The pill alone cannot end an unwanted pregnancy. The user has to take four medicines of prostaglandin medicines along with the Generic RU486 abortion pill.

Pharmacology: :

After the consumption of Generic Ru 486, the pill initiates the process of stopping the growth of the pregnancy. It is carried out by fighting against the progesterone hormones in the body.

Indications: :

The consumption of Generic RU 486 is done along with Cytolog or any other prostaglandin medicine. Take it when you begin the process of medical abortion.

Dosage and administrations: :

Generic RU 486 abortion pill requires oral consumption with water. You have to take the Generic RU 486 abortion pill as soon as you receive it. You may not encounter any visible changes in the body. In some instances, the user may experience slight bleeding.


Do not intake if:

  • You have an allergy to the components of the abortion pill Your pregnancy is beyond 8-9 weeks or if you have a tubal or ectopic pregnancy
  • You have certain health-related issues such as chronic adrenal failure, inherited porphyrias, bleeding problems, etc.
  • You cannot come for a follow-up checkup for the next 2 months.

Warnings and precautions :

Some important precautions are required to follow if you choose medical abortion with Generic Ru486.

  • The first thing does not go for medical abortion if you have bleeding issues or any severe health problem related to heart, kidney, or liver.
  • Confirm with your medical practitioner if you have any allergies to the component of the abortion pill.
  • Do not intake liquor or nicotine if you are on medical abortion.


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