Cytotec (Misoprostol)

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Cytotec is a potent medication used for terminating an early and undesired pregnancy. This medication is also utilized in preventing heavy bleeding post-delivery. The pill functions on the uterus and increases the contraction. Cytotec is also called Generic Misoprostol(Cytolog) and it is a prescription medication utilized as prophylaxis to avoid NSAID induced ulcers and as a contraceptive pill. It comes from a family of drugs that are called gastrointestinal agents or prostaglandins.

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The Cytotec (Misoprostol) pills are usually taken on its own or in combination with another medication to complete the abortion procedure successfully. It must be consumed along with meals or as directed by your health care professional. You are required to swallow the pill whole along with a glass of water. In case you experience vomiting in thirty minutes of administering the pill, talk to your doctor, and consume another pill. This medication may last for twenty-four hours and show its efficacy and cause bleeding.

Mostly experienced side effects of Cytotec are nausea, diarrhoea; vomiting, uterine contractions, camps, bleeding in the uterus, fetal malformations, and heavy bleeding. Post-abortion infection is also a common side effect. If the side effects that you experience after consuming Misoprostol start troubling you then you need to inform your doctor. He might know some ways of reducing the severity of the side effects or preventing them. Generally, vaginal bleeding will last for up to twelve days or if you experience severe pain in the abdomen. Before taking Cytotec tab 200mcg, inform your doctor if you have had an ectopic pregnancy i.e. a pregnancy occurring outside the uterus. You must inform your doctor if you are a breastfeeding woman or if there is an intrauterine device inserted inside you. Your health care professional must also know about other medications that you are consuming as a lot of these medications decrease the efficacy of the pill and make it less effective or changes the way it functions. You should avoid stressful activities like running, excessive exercising, and driving during abortion as it can increase the bleeding. Your doctor will take an ultrasound or examination of the pelvis to check if the abortion is completely done.

Usage of Cytotec Abortion Pill

Cytotec is a man-made (synthetic) propagandist hormone used with the other pill named Mifepristone to end an early undesired pregnancy. The pill is an effective method of termination without the use of any sort of surgical tools or anesthesia. The main ingredient of this abortion tablet is named Misoprostol and it has been legally approved and verified by the Food and Drug Administration to terminate a pregnancy that 10 weeks or lesser than 10 weeks old. You can buy Cytotec online from various online pharmacies.

  • Cytolog was used to treat stomach ulcers in patients consuming drugs that are anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal that includes aspirin.
  • -It is also used to stop and control excessive bleeding post-delivery.
  • Termination of Pregnancy: Cytotec is an important tablet used in the process of Medical Abortion.
  • Cervical ripening
  • Cytotec 200 MCG Tablet is also utilized for softening and relaxing the cervix before the onset of contractions during labor.
  • Duodenal Ulcer
  • Cytotec 200 MCG Tablet is brought in use to prevent and treat the symptoms of ulcers caused in the upper parts of the patient’s small intestine.
  • Gastric Ulcer
  • Cytotec 200 MCG Tablet is used to avoid and treat the symptoms of ulcers caused in the stomach and food pipe.
  • Cervical ripening
  • Cytotec 200 MCG Tablet is also used for relaxing and softening the cervix before the onset of labor contractions.

Benefits of Cytotec Pill

For Medical Abortion

Generic Misoprostol 200mcg is a tablet that causes an abortion during the initial early stage of pregnancy. It can be used to treat a pregnancy that is up to 10 weeks old (up to 70 days after the first day of your menstruation). The medication effectively functions to block the female hormone naturally found in the body i.e. Progesterone. This hormone is crucial to continue the pregnancy. You are requested only according to the directions and under the guidance of your doctor.

Cytolog pill is also called Misoprostol 200mg and it is a prescription medication utilized as prophylaxis to avoid NSAID induced ulcers and as a contraceptive pill. It comes from a family of drugs that are called gastrointestinal agents or prostaglandins.

For Bleeding Post-Delivery

Cytotec assists in controlling heavy bleeding in women after childbirth. Therefore this helps to avoid excessive loss of blood which can lead to a drop in the blood pressure, shock, or death if it is not brought into control on time. It helps in proper contraction of the uterus and therefore it also avoids piles and other complications.

Cytotec Consumption

Doctors recommend the best time to consume Cytotec is during bedtime. It should be consumed along with a meal.

There are two methods for the consumption of this secondary abortion pill:

Cytotec routes of administration

  • Orally (Cytotec Buccal): The woman is supposed to place the two pills of 200mcg Misoprostol each in the cheek pouches. After the pill gets dissolved partially, the remaining should be swallowed.
  • Cytotec Vaginally: When administered through the vagina, Cytotec has been proven to be fast working and more effective. Four pills of Misoprostol 200mcgs should be inserted inside the vagina. One pill should be consumed at a time and you must place the pill as high as possible.

Before Consuming Cytotec

Cytotec Risks

Cytotec must not be used by pregnant women or if a woman is allergic to the ingredients of Cytotec or other Prostaglandins.

Inform your doctor if you have the following conditions to ensure that the consumption of Misoprostol tablets is safe for you:

  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Other Intestinal problems
  • Dehydration
  • Heart Disease

The secondary abortion pill i.e. Cytotec has risks of causing premature birth, birth defects, a rupture in the uterus, miscarriage, dangerous bleeding in the uterus, and an incomplete miscarriage. Do not use this medication if pregnant.

Start using an effective method of birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancy while you are on this pill for at least a month after your treatment gets completed. If you can get pregnant again, you must have a pregnancy test which is negative to get back on this pill. The treatment with Cytotec should start on the 2nd or 3rd day after your menstrual cycle. To complete medical abortion, you can order Cytotec online.

How Should I consume Cytotec?

Follow all the directions stated on your prescription label. Do not consume this medicine in larger or smaller amounts or for longer than recommended. You can buy Cytotec online from various online pharmacies or at your local pharmacy too. It is very easily available. However, consume it under professional guidance only and inform your doctor before consuming it There are two methods of consumption viz. Orally (Bucally) or vaginally.

Don’t Share Cytotec with Anybody

Cytotec is generally meant to be consumed with food before bed. Follow the instructions that your doctor has given for the safe consumption of Cytotec. You will experience symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, or cramps in the stomach while consuming this pill, especially in the initial weeks after Cytotec consumption. However, these symptoms go away within a week.

Talk to your doctor in case you experience severe nausea, stomach ache, and diarrhea which lasts much longer than eight days. Read all the medical instructions or the medications leaflet provided with the medicine every time you get a new refill. Store the pills at room temperature and keep it away from heat and moisture.

Cytotec Side effects

You will feel nauseous or cramping in the stomach. If the specified after-effects are continued or worsen over time then you must notify the doctor or pharmacist immediately. Ensure that the concerned doctor provides you the medication because doctors state that the benefit of this medication is much more than its risk of some serious side effects. Several people that use this medication do not experience any kind of severe or mild side effects.

The most commonly experienced effect of Cytotec is Diarrhea and it generally occurs after 2 weeks of consuming the pill and generally lasts for up to a week. Ensure that you increase the intake of fluids and electrolytes/minerals to avoid dehydration. Continuous Diarrheal may at times lead to an excessive loss of the body’s minerals and water. Immediately consult the doctor if you ever develop any sort of severe symptoms of dehydration or a mineral imbalance; severe dizziness, mood/mental changes, decreased urination, slow irregular heartbeat, and muscle weakness.

Speak to the doctor if in case any of these rare yet severe side effects occur: menstrual irregularities or problems, heavy/unusual bleeding in the vagina. A greatly severe allergic reaction to Cytotec is rare but you must immediately rush to a hospital if it occurs. The symptoms of this severe allergic reaction will include itching or swelling (especially on the tongue, face, throat), rashes, breathing troubles, and severe dizziness. The above-mentioned effects are not a complete list and if you notice the following side effects then you must consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Some patients consuming Cytotec experienced certain side effects and they are:

  • Abdominal Pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fatigue
  • diarrhea
  • Weakness
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness

It is highly recommended to consult your health care professional if the following side effects worsen:

  • Painful menses.
  • Cramps
  • Very heavy bleeding.


Women of age 35 and above must not consume Cytotec as it will harm their health

Restrict from consuming Cytotec if you smoke cigarettes, consume drugs, or drink alcohol.

Consult a doctor or pharmacist before starting to take this medication because it is very crucial in case if there is a history including any disease with the patient consuming it.

Talk to your doctor immediately in case you experience very heavy bleeding.


In case you experience an overdose and experience serious symptoms like passing out or trouble to breathe of Cytotec, consult your doctor immediately.

When should you not use Cytotec?

Cytotec during labor: Cytotec tab 200mcg is not indicated to be used during pregnancy for the treatment of ulcers that are caused due to the increased intake of non-steroidal pain medicines or else through pregnant women. This pill can cause severe birth defects and abortions or uterine ruptures, etc.

Allergy : Cytotec 200mcg is not recommended for use in patients who have a history of allergy to the ingredients of it or an allergy to other such prostaglandin analogs.

Misoprostol tablets Drug interaction

Following are the list of drugs that are generally known to interact with Cytotec:

Aluminum hydroxide

Aluminum carbonate

Calcium Carbonate

Dihydroxyaluminium sodium carbonate


Dinoprostone topical

Magnesium hydroxide

Magnesium Carbonate

Magnesium Oxide



Sodium Citrate

Sodium Bicarbonate

The above-listed classifications are just a guideline. The relevance of a specific drug interaction to a particular individual is hard to determine. Therefore you must always consult your health care provider before you start or stop any medicine or drug

Major: Greatly clinically significant. Avoid the combinations as the risk of the interactions is greater than the benefit of the drug

Moderate: This is moderately clinically significant. You must usually prevent combining the drug. You should only use it during important situations.

Minor: This is minimally clinically significant. The risk is minimized and therefore assess the risk and consider a drug alternative. Also, take necessary steps to circumvent the risk of interaction or institute a partner for monitoring

Unknown: There is no drug interaction available.

Storage and Disposal

Keep Cytotec in a cool and dry place at a room temperature of 25 degrees C. Ask a medical professional for proper and safe disposal of this medication.


What should I do in case Cytotec does not work?

Research shows 98% of successful termination rates with Cytotec. However, in rare cases, the pill fails to deliver results and in such cases, you must get a surgical abortion done to complete the process of abortion.

Is an appointment needed before proceeding for medical abortion?

The patient needs to make an appointment before she proceeds with at-home medical abortion as professionals must check the status of your pregnancy along with your health conditions before you take the pill.

Is Medical Abortion with Cytotec safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to consume Cytotec for medical abortion as it is legally verified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Does medical abortion ever affect future pregnancies?

Medical abortion does not make a woman infertile as it does not affect the ability to get pregnant in the future; it only leads to the termination of the current pregnancy.

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