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Abortion Pill Pack Online for Unwanted Pregnancy

Home termination procedure is also known as medical termination includes using one or more medicines to conclude a unwanted gestation (pregnancy). A combination of Mifepristone (primary abortion pill) and Misoprostol (secondary abortion pill) is the only process that is legally approved by the Food and Drug Administration for abortion. Mifepristone is a progesterone receptor modulator with activities like anti-progesterone and anti-glucocorticoid. It begins the procedure of abortion by lowering the progesterone levels and causing the lining or the uterus to detach and making the uterus more contractile. It also assists in softening as well as dilating the Cervix. However, the second pill i.e. Misoprostol can be taken 2 days post Mifepristone consumption and it comes in a pack of four pills of 200mcg each to be placed in the cheek pouch and wait for it to get dissolved. The remains of the pill should be swallowed.

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A lot of people get confused between the abortion pill pack and the MTP abortion pill Kit. As it mostly consists of the same component, however, the abortion pill pack comes with an additional set of medications to control the after-effects. The MTP stands for Medical Termination of pregnancy and this particular kit is only used to end the pregnancy. However, the abortion pill pack also includes three more different pills to help you complete the entire process of the abortion process while controlling the after-effects as well. You can buy cheap abortion pill pack online as it is an easy way to end a pregnancy.

All about Abortion Pill Pack

The online abortion pill pack is used to end or terminate an early and undesirable pregnancy. It is a very cost-effective method of pregnancy termination as it contains all the pills required for a safe and smooth abortion procedure in one packet, including the medications to control severe cramps and pain and the nauseous feeling during pregnancy. Women mostly buy abortion pill online because all the medications contained in the pack are highly approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and women can buy abortion pill pack online USA as well as in other countries. This pill pack is used by women with 10 weeks old pregnancy.  Some women experience certain side effects after consumption of the pills consisted in the pack. Abortion pill pack consists Of the components:

· 1 MTP Abortion Pill Kit

· 1 pill of Flexon MR

· 1 pill of Ondansetron 4mg

· 1 pill of Ethamsylate 250mg

It is highly suggested to ingest these pills for up to nine weeks or 63 days of being pregnant. This is the most effective and easy method as it only involves consuming medicines. Apart from the two most important medications included in the pack, there are three more pills available in the pack to control excess side effects like nausea; (Ondansetron/Zofran) and cramps; (Flexon MR). To control excessive bleeding, a pill called Ethamsylate is also there in the pill pack. The abortion pill risks are very less as the pack of abortion pill strictly follows the advice from Gynaecologists and Obstetricians around the globe when formulating and creating the medication. It is developed very carefully keeping all these aspects in mind. You must only use it under the strict supervision of a doctor and inside a medical facility.

Functioning of Abortion Pill Pack on Undesired Pregnancy

· The initial pill i.e. Mifepristone which is something that can be consumed orally along with water, it is a prescription medication and the primary one. Misoprostol is the second medication.

· Mifepristone works by blocking the essential pregnancy hormone i.e. Progesterone. This leads to the pill widening the cervix to restrict the development of pregnancy parts. This widening of the cervix occurs as the fetus separates’ from the ruptured lining inside the uterus which lacks oxygen and needs nutrition. The second tablet i.e. Misoprostol consists of 800mcg (200 mcg of each of 4 tablets) is followed by a Mifepristone tablet. You are required to place these particular pills under your tongue. They must not be crushed, chewed, swallowed, or broken. However, after thirty minutes, it can be consumed without any liquid as it completely melts under your tongue.

· This is a prostaglandin analog medicine that leads to contractions in the womb. When the contractions occur inside the uterus, it tries to throw out or push out the remains of the pregnancy. While this happens, the patient experiences severe and heavy bleeding as well as cramping for a few hours or days as well.

· The third pill that you have to consume is the medication used for controlling the symptoms of adverse effects like nausea or vomiting. Consume this pill at a dose of 4mg. As soon as you consume this pill, it restricts certain chemicals present in your body that are responsible for causing these effects like vomiting and nausea.

· The most important role that is played during the end of pregnancy is by the pill Flexon MR. During this process, the womb contracts to expel the remains which leads to pain in the stomach pain and cramping. The fourth pill that is prescribed medication plays the role of a muscle relaxant to decrease or avoid the discomfort, pain, and abdomen spasm.

· Finally, when a woman experiences severe bleeding at the time of expelling the pregnancy remains out of the womb. There will be more loss of blood than that which happens during menstruation. Therefore, an Ethamsylate 250mg pill should be consumed for controlling the bleeding. This pill helps in decreasing and controlling blood loss. Abortion pill bleeding can be controlled with ethamsylate.

The Abortion Pill Pack is an entire packaging of medicines that assists in terminating the pregnancy safely.  The best way for termination is the oral way and it is also non-surgical The oral way of abortion can also be done at home very quickly without any complications.

Dosage and Administration of the Abortion Pill pack

The abortion pill pack is generally prescribed to females for medical abortion of an intrauterine gestation. Medical abortion can be done in up to nine weeks of pregnancy depending on the first day of the pregnancy or your last menstruation day. It is very crucial to recognize the duration of pregnancy from menstruation history and through a clinical examination. In case the duration of the gestation is uncertain, an ultra-sonogram (USG) scan is necessary. USG is another option in case there is a doubt of ectopic pregnancy. Before utilizing the abortion pill pack, you must make sure that you must remove any IUD that is inserted in the vagina. In case the abortion pill pack fails to work, the termination of pregnancy through surgery can be done to end the intrauterine pregnancy. A gynecologist will approve the administration of the initial pill i.e. Mifepristone after calculating the age gestational duration of a fetus. If the results are negative, the doctors will advise you to check if there is an ectopic pregnancy. If there is a case of excessive bleeding or incomplete or unsuccessful abortion, the gynecologist ought to be able to conduct a surgical intervention.

· Mifepristone 200mg consumption is advisable to be taken on the first day orally.

· It is followed by the oral consumption of secondary tablet Misoprostol which should be consumed after three days. The dosage of Misoprostol is 800mcg divided into four pills each of 200mcg. A medical practitioner will administer you the secondary pill of Misoprostol or you can also administer it by yourself.

· Another dose of Misoprostol 400mcg is advised to be purchased and kept for emergency cases and should be consumed orally in case abortion does not occur post 4 hours of consumption.

Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the two most important pills in the abortion pill pack.  Generally, women gone through a medical abortion must confirm completion of at-home abortion through a clinical test which can also be an ultrasonography scan. There are risks of fetal malformation in case the patients who have a continuing pregnancy at this visit to follow up. In such cases, surgical termination is highly advisable.

Contraindications of Abortion Pill Pack

The administration of Abortion Pill Pack is contra-indicatory in patients who have:

· Known history of allergy from Mifepristone and Misoprostol

· Confirmed or Suspected Ectopic Pregnancy

· Migraine problems

· IUD inserted in the place

· Chronic failure of adrenaline

· On Corticosteroid or anticoagulant therapy

· Inherited Porphyria

· Uncontrolled and Severe Asthma

The abortion pill pack causes contraindications in a patient if she has not much access to the medical facilities. The patient needs treatment urgently if there is a case of unsuccessful or incomplete abortion, emergency resuscitation, or blood transfusions.

Warnings and Precautions

Mifepristone 200 mg pill is not recommended to patients who have hepatic failure, renal failure or suffer from malnutrition. The consumption of the abortion Pill pack must be under the guidance and supervision of a certified gynecologist. Currently, there is absolutely no data available on the safety and effectiveness of the Abortion Pill Pack in women having chronic diseases like hypertension, heart diseases, hypertension, and dysfunction in the liver, kidney, or respiratory disease, diabetes dependent on insulin, heavy smoking, or severe anemia. Women over 35 years of age addicted to smoking weed are advised to take essential precautions before taking the abortion pill. The women taking these medications should have proper knowledge about the pill pack and its effectiveness. They must understand the requirement of the treatment and how important the second visit is. There are chances of another pregnancy to occur after the termination of pregnancy. Hence oral contraceptives must be initiated as soon as the woman continues sexual intercourse after consuming the medications from the pill pack.

Ensure that the clinical examination is important to confirm the success of pregnancy termination once the treatment is complete. In rare cases, some women experience excessive bleeding so they may notice a downfall in the concentration of hemoglobin, hematocrit as well as the count of RBCs (red blood cells) that may decrease in such women. You can buy cheap abortion pill pack online from many websites.

Drug Interactions of Abortion Pill Pack

There were no specific drug interactions with the Abortion Pill Pack found according to studies. But there are chances that some drugs or certain substances like ketoconazole, Itraconazole, grapefruit, and erythromycin may cause a problem in the metabolism of the pill called Mifepristone. Other ingredients have chances of inducing the metabolism of Mifeprex for example/l Dexamethasone, Rifampicin, and other certain anticonvulsants. On the other hand, the secondary drug viz. Misoprostol has not indicated any interference regarding the effects of Aspirin. It is not known to exert any clinical implications or clinical absorptions and the antiplatelet effects of Aspirin. The studies of Drug Interactions between the second pill Misoprostol and several other NSAIDs have not been reported to have any sort of clinical effects on the pills like Ibuprofen, Diclofenac, Piroxicam, Aspirin, Naproxen, and Indomethacin.

Avoid the antacids consisting of magnesium while undergoing medical abortion with the abortion pill pack because antacids have a risk of causing symptoms of diarrhea when interfered with by Misoprostol.

Side Effects of Abortion Pill Pack

The consumption of an Abortion Pill pack may lead to vaginal bleeding along with uterine cramping during the routine of medical abortion. Several women who consume Mifeprex (Mifepristone) and Misoprostol may report some after-effects while other females may report more than one reaction like this. Around 90 percent of women say that the side effects are generally experienced on the third day of the procedure. Females do experience pain sensations in the abdomen due to cramping in the uterus. Other women commonly report certain adverse effects which include vomiting, nausea, and diarrheal. Rare women complain of pain in the pelvis area, a headache, or a dizzy feeling. After the treatments third day the re-occurrence of the side effects decrease which means that by the 14th day, there are no side effects experienced except spotting and mild bleeding.

Abortion Pill Pack Storage and Disposal

The abortion pill pack ought to be store at the room temperature of 25 degrees Celcius and in a cool and dry place. The patient must make sure that she keeps the pill pack away from the reach of children or pets. Ask or consult your doctor regarding the appropriate disposal of the pill pack. Do not flush it in the toilet.


Is the abortion pill pack effective in terminating a pregnancy?

The Abortion Pill Pack consists of the two main medications used for Medical Abortion i.e. Mifepristone and Misoprostol and hence it is very effective in termination of pregnancy.

Will the contents of Abortion Pill Pack control the side effects?

The contents of Abortion Pill Pack are specially meant for controlling the side effects caused in the medical abortion procedure.

Can I use Abortion Pill Pack to end my second-trimester pregnancy?

The medications included in the pack of abortion pill packs are only designed to end the pregnancy that is up to 9 weeks old (first trimester).

What is the abortion medicines don’t work?

In rare cases, the abortion pill pack fails to terminate a pregnancy due to various reasons. You must consult your doctor and go for a surgical abortion in such cases.

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